A Statement About Wayfair.

Over the past 48 hours we have noticed a large spike of traffic to our store, as well as countless inquiries  about our Avalon Collection and our relationship with Wayfair. After scratching our heads for a few days, we now believe that this anomaly is in relation to the recent allegations against Wayfair and that Simply Down may have inadvertently got caught in the middle. With that said, we would like to address this as straightforward as possible.

Are you a legitimate company?

Absolutely! We are a small business that is owned and operated in New York (you can visit our physical store at ABC Carpet & Home) founded on the belief of ethically and sustainable sourced Down. All of our products are made here in the USA at our warehouse in Brooklyn.

What is your relationship with Wayfair?

In 2018 we began selling our products on Wayfair as a 3rd Party Seller to increase our visibility in the marketplace. All of our Wayfair orders are shipped out of our warehouse in Brooklyn along with all of our other orders.

$6,000 for a pillow? $11,000 for a comforter? Really?!

Sigh. We know it's expensive. These are our highest quality products filled with Eiderdown, a super light-weight and insulating type of down that is incredibly rare, which in turn makes it pretty expensive. According to Eiderdown.com, "the total weight of the annual Icelandic eiderdown harvest is a mere 3000 kg or 6600 lbs". This low harvest weight is due to that fact that Eiderdown is harvested when the eider duck molts. That's not a lot of down to go around.

So the expensive pillows and comforters are expensive because of Eiderdown?

Yup! We agree that Eiderdown is pretty expensive but we have to admit, it's also pretty awesome. Eiderdown is such a unique and lightweight material that has amazing isolating properties, it's often described as touching a cloud.

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