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At Simply Down, we understand that choosing the right Down product for you can be a bit of a daunting task, so we made this page to help catch you up on the terminology so you can shop with confidence. If you still need help, you can easily Contact Us and we'll be happy to assist you.

Collection Call Me Down Emerson Harmony Bohemia Bliss Dream Avalon
Standard Standard Premium Elevated Supreme Elite Prestigious
Fill Type Microfiber Polyester American White Duck Down American White Duck Down Hungarian  White Goose Down Siberian White Goose Down

Canadian White Goose Down

Icelandic Eiderdown
Fill Power Polyester 560+ Fill Power 650+ Fill Power 650+ Fill Power 800+ Fill Power 930+ Fill Power Eiderdown
Cover Material 50% Lyocell & 50% Organic Cotton 233 Thread Count 100% Cotton Cover 330 Thread Count Cotton 50% Lyocell & 50% Organic Cotton 400 Thread Count German Batiste Cotton 360 Thread Count German Batiste Cotton 400 Thread Count German Batiste Cotton
Construction 8" Baffle Box 12" Baffle Box 8" Baffle Box  8" Baffle Box 8" Baffle Box 8" Baffle Box 16" Baffle Box
Weights Year Round Only Summer & Year Round Winter, Summer & Year Round Winter, Summer & Year Round Winter, Summer & Year Round Winter, Summer & Year Round Winter, Summer & Year Round
About this Collection The Call Me Down Collection has been specifically crafted to mimic Down’s warmth and comfort while remaining hypoallergenic for those with who are allergy prone. Its Microfiber Polyester Fill with luxurious 50% Lyocell/50% Organic Cotton Cover and 8” baffle stitched construction allows even the worst allergy suffers to enjoy the sensation, warm and comfort of down. The Emerson  Collection features a 233 thread count, 100% cotton cambric cover and is filled with our lofty 560 fill power white down. Each comforter is sewn thru with 13” boxes to prevent the down fill from shifting. Our Emerson delivers true comfort and warmth at a great price. The Harmony Collection is our introductory down line. Harmony pairs 650+ American Duck Down with a 330 thread count cotton cover, while its baffle box construction keeps the Down fill evenly distributed and in place resulting in a Luxurious Down piece at an affordable price point. The 650+fill power offers exceptional loft and warmth year-round. Compare this with other down comforters’ baseline products offering just 500 fill power. The Bohemian Collection is our most popular line, pairing 650+ Fill Power Hungarian Goose Down with a 50% Lyocell & 50% Organic Cotton and a baffle stitched construction. Bohemian’s Hungarian Goose Down fill is the perfect fit for both hot and cold sleepers, providing the ideal level of warmth. With its plumes of pure white down, the Bohemia Collection will provide comfort for years to come. The Bliss Collection is an exquisite combination of unbelievably soft and luxurious 800+ Fill Power Siberian Goose Down with a 400 thread count German Batiste Cotton cover and 12” Baffle stitched construction. Bliss’s Siberian Goose Down fill has an extremely light, lofty and almost cloud-like sensation to provide a blissful night sleep. Our Dream collection is just that, a dream to sleep with. Its 920+ Fill Power Canadian Goose down with a 360 thread count German Batiste Cotton cover and 8” Baffle stitched construction provide the ultimate warmth and loft. Dream’s Canadian Goose down fill is extremely light while engulfing you in warmth and luxury. The Avalon Collection is our most exquisite collection and is the pinnacle of luxury and comfort. Filled with Icelandic Eiderdown paired with a 400 thread count German Batiste or Silk Jacquard (at an upcharge) cover and 16” baffle stitched construction. Avalon’s Icelandic Eiderdown fill is the finest, warmest, most exquisite and rarest down in the world and provides the utmost luxurious comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Fill Power" mean?

Think of Fill Power as the measure of a Down products "fluffiness". The higher the number, the fluffier the down. Now you might be asking yourself, "why does this matter to me?" Well the higher the Fill Power, the lighter a Down Product can be while still providing amazing warmth. This might seem counterintuitive, but the Down's increased fluffiness provides more insulation, keeping you comfy and warm.

What is a "Baffle Box"?

A Down product's Baffle Box Construction is essentially tiny square pockets through out a Down product. Think of them as tiny Down filled pillows stitched together to form a comforter. These Baffle Boxes are essential in Down products to keep the Down evenly distributed and from bunching up in one side of your comforter.

What is "German Batiste Cotton"?

German Batiste Cotton is high quality woven fabric that is know for its lightweight, super-soft and breathable features. Despite its lightweight German Batiste Cotton remains durable and has a beautiful soft sheen that adds an extra dimension of luxury. 

What's the difference between Duck Down and Goose Down?

Since Geese in general are much larger than Ducks, they produce larger Down clusters that have a higher Fill Power. This means that typically, Goose Down products are lighter weight than their Duck Down counterparts and due to their larger clusters are more resilient and durable over time.